On our visit to the vibrant streets and quiet beaches of Puerto Vallarta, we found a collection of experiences that cater to just about everyone. From beautiful accommodations to a feast of flavors, this coastal haven is an adventure worth checking out.

Side street in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Off the beaten path in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Condos in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Where to Stay

Nestled along the coast are the renowned all-inclusive resorts of Puerto Vallarta, offering comfort where every need is anticipated, every culinary desire met, and every age entertained. Yet, for those seeking simplicity without sacrificing charm, there is an array of welcoming hostels and hotels with modest price tags that are reasonable places to stay.


Puerto Vallarta’s culinary scene is an eclectic mosaic, boasting over 300 eateries that champion both the bold flavors of local Mexican cuisine and the finesse of international cuisine. Among these, RiverCafe stands out with its cozy ambiance, delicious food, and prompt service. We really enjoyed our lunch here

Walkway on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Sculptures along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Shops and walkway along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The Malecon

The Malecon boardwalk is Puerto Vallarta’s main tourist strip, stretching along the waterfront and inviting all who wander to engage in the vibrant array of shops, dining experiences, and establishments. Street performers, live music, and sculptural art enliven the path, while charming flea markets and island restaurants offer unique encounters just off the beaten path. Should local vendors approach you, fear not; a gentle ‘no thank you’ suffices, and you can continue your stroll unencumbered.

Ideal Travel Season

Puerto Vallarta has a warm/hot climate year-round. Those who prefer milder temperatures will find the stretch from December to April a good choice. Summer travelers can embrace the hot and humid temperatures and are rewarded with a more cost-effective trip, as discounts are readily available.

Malecon walkway showing the beach Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Sand sculpture on the beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Stone stacks on the beach in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Distinct Beaches

Puerto Vallarta’s coastline is a contrast from the Caribbean’s signature white sands, with its character showcased in darker sands and rocky shores. There are some lovely beaches, but not nearly as many as you will find on the Gulf Coast side of the country.

Worth the Journey

Puerto Vallarta proves itself to be an excellent choice for those who like sunny, hot weather, a diverse choice of activities, and excellent dining options. With lodging that caters to every preference and enticing and seasonal promotions, it’s a great choice to visit and explore.