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Travel is more than just reaching a destination; it’s about the joy of the journey itself. Imagine the thrill of revving up the engine for a road trip with boundless horizons ahead or the anticipation that builds as your train pulls out of the station, embarking on a route etched with history. Each airplane that soars into the sky is like a bird in flight, defying gravity and time zones to carry us to lands unknown. For us, every mode of transit is not merely a means to an end but part of our adventure; whether it’s the shared laughter with a fellow traveler on a ferry or the reflective solitude of a window seat on a coach, these moments in transit stitch together the fabric of our travel memories.

How Do I Get There?

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Planning your journey can be as simple as entering your start and end destinations on This efficient travel tool gives you all the possible ways to get to your location, be it by plane, train, bus, or car. It shows you routes, travel times, and even estimated costs. It is a one-stop shop for efficiently mapping out your travels, allowing you to choose how you want to reach your next destination. It’s a great resource, but we book directly with airlines or train companies, not on the Rome2rio site.

Similiar to Rome2rio, FerryGoGo is a great place to research ferry routes around the world. We’ve only used them for research at this poiont. 


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Choosing the right airline is more than a mere detail; it’s the foundation of a hassle-free journey. Google Flights serves as our flight resource, presenting all the available options and pinpointing the best deals. Plus, the convenience of getting price change alerts for your predetermined travel spot is a time saver.
We always book directly with the airline – it’s your key to getting the best customer service treatment and ironing out any potential travel wrinkles. This approach gives you a firsthand look at each carrier’s unique policies and classes of service. Some airlines might offer extra legroom or priority boarding, while others might cut costs in places you’d rather not compromise. So, make it a point to comb through the fine print; it’ll ensure you know exactly what you’re getting (or not getting) before your flight.


Train station

For finding the best train routes, Omio is our go-to platform. It’s a straightforward site aggregating various train travel options, allowing you to compare times, routes, and ticket prices easily. While we often prefer to book directly with the train company to save on costs and streamline customer service, we sometimes encounter foreign train sites that aren’t exactly user-friendly. In those cases, booking through Omio becomes a convenient alternative despite the small booking fee. It ensures your plans stay on track without getting lost in translation or navigation.

Rental Cars

Car on road

Our go-to car rentals for domestic travel are the familiar names Avis, Enterprise, Dollar, and Thrifty. Booking with them directly usually means fewer hiccups and better customer service. Abroad, if we can’t find a good deal with one of the US-based brands, we often turn to Auto Europe, which does the legwork of comparing local car rental agencies to find us a good deal. Using their service gives you a broader view without having to navigate each company’s website. And when it comes to Sixt, they’ve been a reliable option internationally and are starting to pop up in the US, too. We book direct with them.

One other thing to note: some countries require an International Drivers Permit. We got ours from a local AAA office. However, not all AAA offices offer this service so call ahead to make sure. I don’t believe you have to be a member to use this service but double check when you call.


Car service driver and passenger.

After a long-haul flight, sometimes you want to get to your accommodation without the fuss. While we often rely on Uber or Grab in Asia for quick transfers, there’s something to be said for the comfort of a pre-booked private car waiting just for you. That’s where platforms like Viator or Project Expedition come in, offering a range of options from reliable local providers. Scanning through the reviews first is always a good move; you ensure the best post-flight experience. For those times when you want to add a bit of luxury to your arrival, services like Carey International or Blacklane deliver high-end rides that match your mood and style.