Our Arrival

The ship arrived at port, and disembarkation was well organized and pretty quick. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for a day to explore. The town of Omaezaki provided a free bus service from the port to the fish market. When we boarded the bus, all of the seats were full. So we got off the bus and told the transportation person that all the seats were full. She kept saying “side seat,” which we had no idea what she meant. Trying to figure out what she was referring to, we returned to the bus and discovered that each aisle seat had a fold-down seat that filled the central aisle you could sit on. My first thought was how everyone would get off the bus in an emergency. Per her instructions, we folded down the seats and sat down.

Shuttle bus parking lot
Shuttle bus center fold down seats.
Omaezaki fish market sign

Omaezaki Lighthouse

We connected with another bus at the fish market that took us to the Omaezaki Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was perched atop a hill and provided great coast views. There were paved paths to other overlooks in the area, so we also took our time exploring those.

The Omaezaki Lighthouse.
View from the Omaezaki lighthouse platform.
Walkway in Omaezaki, Japan.

The Park

The shuttle bus returned with another group of passengers, so we rode back to the fish market.

Next to the fish market, there appeared to be a nice-looking park, so we went over to have a look. The park was very spacious and well-maintained. It had a playground for the kids and the longest slide I have ever seen.

A long central walkway through the park ended at the sea, providing a great view of our ship.

It was a weekend afternoon, and the park was filled with dog walkers and families. Many stopped to practice a little English or to let us pet their dogs.

Park walkway to the ocean.
Children's slide in the park in Omaezaki, Japan.
Selfie with cruise ship in the background.

The afternoon flew by, and it was time to take the shuttle bus back to the ship.

Port Activities

Once back at the port, we checked out the tents that had been set up for the locals to sell food and souvenirs. There were also families milling about the area, looking at the ship.

A group of young men approached us and gave us an origami bird. They were dressed in karate uniforms and had performed a demonstration. They refused our offer to donate to their team but did agree to take a picture with us. We were also approached by a member of the drum corps who would be performing before the ship sailed. He also gave us an origami gift, and we practiced some English with him. His Mom and Dad asked for a photo, and we were happy to oblige.

Omaezaki drummer
Omaezaki karate group
Omaezaki welcome sign

The drum presentation started a little earlier than our new friend had mentioned, so we watched it from the ship. They were awesome.

Our favorite part of our stop at Omaezaki was meeting all its residents and spending time with them.

Omaezaki drum group