Nestled at the far reaches of the breathtaking Geirangerfjord, an arm of the grand Storfjord, in Norway, you’ll find a small village as enchanting as the fairy tales of its homeland—Geiranger. Encircled by steep green cliffs, thunderous waterfalls, and the reflective deep-blue water, it’s a view so mesmerizing you’ll understand instantly why this land is proudly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though it’s a magnet for adventurous spirits like ours, Geiranger maintains a small-town feel.

Waterfall in the Geiranger fjord in Norway
Waterfall in the Geiranger fjord Norway
Stream from mountain in Geiranger Norway

How To Get There

Historically, Geiranger’s lifeline has been its waters, and to this day, a seafaring voyage offers the richest perspective of its beauty. Whether you encounter the iconic “Seven Sisters” falls or witness the proud historic mountain farms from the deck of a ship, a smaller craft, or a car, you find amazing sights at every turn.

By Cruise Liner:

Arriving by cruise, as we did, prepares you for the spectacle awaiting. The fjord guides you gently into the village of Geiranger, providing a panoramic introduction to its majesty.

By Ferry:

A ferry ride from Hellesylt is a fabulous alternative, one where the journey is just as grand as the destination, delivering you through the fjord and into Geiranger’s warm embrace.

By car:

Brave the steep winding roads and drive yourself.

Rib boat tour guide giving history of the area on RIB boat.
Landscape in the Geiranger Fjord in Norway.
View of the town from a distance Geiranger Norway.

Things To Do In Geiranger

Rib Boat Tour

Seeking a little adventure on the fjord? RIB boats give you an adrenaline rush and the opportunity to weave closer to the cascading falls and ancient seters dotting the landscape.


For a more relaxing tour, kayaks let you glide along the fjord at your rhythm, with guided tours available for less experienced paddlers or solos for the seasoned kayaker.


Norway is synonymous with hiking, and Geiranger’s trail paths carve through nature’s canvas, welcoming all to partake. We suggest grabbing a map at the local information center and choosing a path that speaks to you—the ones leading to Storsæterfossen waterfall, for instance, are not to be missed.

Bus tours

Many cruise ships offer guided day tours like the Skywalk or the Eagle Road, with punctual returns guaranteed to align with cruise ship schedules. You can also find these independently with outside tour companies, but be warned if you are late returning to the ship, it won’t wait unless it is a cruise line-sponsored tour.

Farm on the mountainside near Geiranger Norway.
Store in Geiranger Norway.
View of cruise ship from Geiranger Norway.

Mountain Heritage

If the walls of the seters (mountain farms) could talk, they’d share stories of resilience and serenity. Skageflå is a crowning example, once graced by royalty and accessible via a steep trail that tests one’s mettle.

There’s also Herdal Goat Farm, an easier reach and a beacon of traditional Norwegian farm life.

The Village

Geiranger’s village may be modest in size, but it’s brimming with life, especially in summer. Enjoy local confectionery delights, savor the region’s signature ice cream, and lose time in the quaint shops.

In this little Norwegian sanctuary, each moment is amplified by the sheer splendor of the setting; it’s absolutely incredible. We invite you to make your own memories in Geiranger, to find your special place within its majesty, just as we have.