The ship made port at the Shin-Chuo Wharf; the day was beautiful, sunny, and warm.

Amori sign at cruise port.
Amori, Japan with mountains in the background.

Uto Shrine

Once off the ship, we decided to walk and enjoy the weather. First, we stopped by the Uto Shrine, and then we continued our walk to the local park.

Uto Shrine in Amori, Japan.

Aoi Mori Park

The Aoi Mori Park is in the downtown area. Lots of locals working in the nearby office buildings were taking breaks in the park as we explored it.

Flowers in Aomori park.
Statue in Aoimori park.
Flower on tree in Aoimori park.

There were lots of plants in bloom, including some Cherry blossoms, although it appears we missed the peak blossoms by just a few days.

Benches were scattered around the park as well as statues and trellises. It was a very pleasant place to wander and explore.

Cherry tree in bloom in Aomori park.
White tree blossoms in Aomori park.
Pretty tree blossoms in Aomori park.


A department store was located very close to the park, so we took some time to explore the offerings there as well as the local Tourist Information Office just down the road.

Ocean Side Park

We discovered another park on the banks of the ocean where our ship was parked. It not only had great ocean views, it had a great view of our ship.

Boat steering wheel in park in Aomori, Japan.
Lighthouse by park in Aomori, Japan.
Back of the Holland America Cruise ship docked in Aomori, Japan.

Back on the ship, we settled in for the night.

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Holland America Cruise ship Westerdam parked at the Aomori, Japan pier.