About Us

Jim and Rosie in front of a cruise ship

Hi there! We’re Jim and Rosie, a couple who’ve spent 42 years embracing any adventure that comes our way. From business trips to RV treks, we’ve racked up a ton of miles.

Now that we’ve kissed the 9-to-5 goodbye (hello, retirement!), our travels have gone from “Need to do” to “Let’s peruse.” Less rushing to make that meeting and more time exploring new destinations.

We’re cracking open our travel journals and turning our past scribbles and snaps into full-blown stories right here on our blog. Expect honest tales, tips we’ve picked up, and the lowdown on spots you’ve maybe never heard of.

So pull up a chair, grab your favorite snack, and join us as we meander a bit deeper, laugh a little louder, and share this ride with you. It’s the same world, but with more time to enjoy the view.

Jim and Rosie on Catalina Island
Jim and Rosie on bridge in rainforest
Jim and Rosie in Val d Isere France