Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!

Daily news and notes from 8516 Paddockview Dr.

Monday, January 8, 2024

It was a pretty quiet day, at least for us. Raven was kind of pouty most of the day, wondering when you were going to come home. Tristan did ask where you were, but once we reminded him you were on vacation, he was okay with that. We watched the Wolverines until about 8:30 PM, then gave Tristan a snack, and they went upstairs. Tristen did not want to take a bath, so they agreed he would skip this evening and take one tomorrow. Papa thought the tablet automatically went off at 9:30 PM; he discovered it didn’t at 11:00 PM when Tristan was still wide awake playing games!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tristan slept a little later than usual this morning but went off to school with no issue. We hung around the house doing fun things like taxes until we knew your plane had taken off and you were Auckland-bound. I sent an email to the driver to let him know you had taken off and your estimated arrival time. I also sent an email to the hotel letting them know you would be checking in later in the evening and to hold the room for a late arrival.

It poured rained and the winds were strong all day today. We noticed a tree down at the house on the corner with the bright yellow & blue door. Luckily, the tree fell toward the street and did not hit his house this time.

We bought Raven a new stool. She sniffed it but was not impressed; she refused to use it at the moment.

Tristan came out of the bathroom exclaiming he made a “big poop” and wanting a present. We explained that he had already received the grand poop prize and there were no more left. He insisted in looking in the box in your closet to make sure it was empty. Lets hope he keeps pooping on the potty now that he no longer gets presents. He was invited down to Bogdon’s for a bit this evening.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The rain stopped, but it was still a bit windy. Tristan came home from school and was pretty quiet but did not appear sick. Olga had called and invited him down, but we thought it might be a good night just to stay home. He had a “big poop” (his words, not mine), knowing he was not getting a gift. We counted this as a win!
It was a little strange to sing Happy Birthday to Papa and then text you Happy Birthday because it was already the next day there. The wind blew an already broken branch further down. Tristan started writing/drawing in the notebook. Raven is now using her new stool. Overall, a good day.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Not much beyond normal is going on the past two days. The pest control guy showed up and did his thing. He did ask if we’d seen any mice lately, and Jim said no. Tristan is well; he had Friday off, so Bogdon came over in the afternoon for a few hours. He is eating well. Raven is also good. We had a little rain, but nothing significant this time. They are getting pounded with snow in Michigan, so Jimmy Morse is happy. Enjoy your  day!

Saturday, January 13, 2024

All is well on the home front. What started as a nice day quickly turned windy and cold. It went from 50 degrees in the morning to 35 in about an hour. They are forecasting snow for Monday or Tuesday.

Tristan is well. He asked when you were coming home. We reminded him you were on the boat and would be home in a few days. He continues to use the potty, but I have a confession. The first day after the no-gift for poop, I awarded him 8 dim dim for his effort. He continues to come and get me to show me his “big poop,” and I continue with a few dim dims presented regally in a bowl. It works for us.

Not much else going on today. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

It got cold today and snowed off and on. The boys both got haircuts, and Tristan spent some time down at Bogdons. I watered your plants, I hope I did that right. The evening was spent with quite a time on the couch; I think Bogdon’s wore him out. All is well on the homefront!

January 15, 2024

It snowed overnight and into the day but it was that really light snow that really didn’t amount to much. We bundled up and went outside to attempt to sled down the hill. Tristan was reluctant at first, but once he did it, he loved it. We upgraded to a laundry basket shortly after this video was taken. It has been very cold, in the 20’s, and more snow is expected overnight. 

Charlie and Aurora were outside, so they came over to play today. Tristan was pretty wore out by the end of the day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

We received about 6 inches of snow overnight, so all the schools were canceled. Snow Day! It was cold today; the high was around 25, but we went outside for a couple of hours and just played in the snow. Sr. was working on the snow blower, but there was an issue with gunk in the carburetor, so that is still a work in progress. 

Tristan loves videos, both making them and watching them repeatedly. You may have an actor on your hands. 

Raven hid all of the balls that were outside in the snow. She dug holes, dropped them in, and covered them up. We might not find them until spring. 

We were a little surprised that your streets were plowed. It will definitely make going up that hill easier. By the way, the beautiful blue Victorian house just up the hill is now for sale. 

All is well on the homefront.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

It is bitterly cold here! The day started off with Tristan not wanting to go to school and having a mini meltdown once he got there. I guess it was reasonable to expect as he had been home for 5 days due to a teacher conference, MLK, and a snow day. Although this upset Jim, Tristan was fine once in the classroom and surrounded by his friends. 

I did a Costco run and found a sled, so we tried it out when Tristan got home. It’s huge and goes fast. A neighbor from the white house on the culdesack came down as we were playing and offered the “epic” hill just next to her house. She said her cranky teens no longer use it, and we are welcome there anytime. We were freezing by this point, and the sun was going down, so we decided to check it out tomorrow. 

When you left, the three of us had coughs. Tristan and mine are pretty much gone, just an occasional coughing session, but Jim’s would not go away. He finally went to a walk-in clinic, and after x-rays and blood work, they told him he had pneumonia. They loaded him up with steroids and antibiotics. He slept the afternoon away, and I got Tristan ready for bed so Jim could turn in early. Not even pneumonia could stop him from sledding down the hill, however. 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Jim and I went to pick up a few things while Tristan was in school. We had hoped to find a part for the carburetor on the snow blower and a smaller sled, but neither was to be found. Both have now been ordered from Amazon.

We tried out the hill across the street, and it is the perfect size for Tristan. The slope is not too steep, and it’s a nice long run. He picked up a chunk of ice somewhere and took it with him wherever he went. It does stay outside; he has a spot next to the garage door where he keeps it. Sometimes, he even covers it with snow so no one will take it. I’m not sure how long this friendship will last. 

Good news – Jim got a call from the clinic today saying that another doctor looked at his x-ray, and he does not have pneumonia. They had no other diagnosis for him but told him to keep taking the meds. He’s still coughing but today seemed slightly better. 

We are expecting a few more inches of snow on Friday, and school has already been canceled. I see more sledding in our future!

All is well on the homefront.


Friday, January 19, 2024

The weather forecasters were right; we got lots of snow overnight. I don’t have a lot of pictures for you; however, I am sorry about that. Jim worked on the snowblower again but was unsuccessful. The new carburetor was supposed to arrive today but was delayed due to the weather. So, I shoveled the driveway again while Jim and Tristen went sledding. When I was just about finished, a guy in a Mercedes stopped to ask directions, which I was very little help with. He was trying to deliver someone’s food order. He ended up getting stuck; his car had a very low clearance. I tried to help shovel out the snow, and the person he was delivering the food to also tried to help to no avail. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a tow strap. I ended up leaving the shovel with him and going into the house. After we had lunch, the poor fellow was still there. A neighbor showed up with a tow strap, so your dad was able to pull him out (he had slid off the street at this point and was making his way down the incline). After dinner, Bogdon and his mom came down and they slid on the hill in front of our house then Bogdon came in to play for a while.

Enjoy the warm weather, the high here Wednesday is 36.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Another fun, snowy, cold day. It was a great day to do inside chores like cooking and laundry. Tristan went to Bogdon’s right after lunch for sledding and playtime. Apparently Bogdon has a nice sledding hill behind his house also. Later in the afternoon, FedEx showed up with the new sled and carburetor. We had to test the new sled out right away, even though it was about 19 degrees! We did a few runs at the house but called it a day as it got dark, and we could not feel our fingers anymore. We promised Tristan a trip to the big hill today. 

We had dinner and then a quiet evening (which was short because dinner was delayed by sledding time). Tristan has been eating well. We’ve taken to not asking him, just putting some well-known favorites in front of him. For the most part, even if he says he’s not hungry, he eats it. 

We’ve also pushed snack/tub time up to somewhere between 7:30 – 8:00 PM. Tristan keeps pretty active most days, so he gives us no complaints when we say it’s time for snacks. The tablet shuts off at 9:30 PM, and he’s asleep in a matter of minutes. I realize this schedule won’t work for you, but it does for us, and Jim Sr. is pretty tuckered at the end of the day. His cough is still holding on, and we make sure he’s getting a little nap most days. Tristan has been better about letting me play with him (although the tablet monster singing game is still a mystery to me). I’ve invited him to cook or bake, but he wants no part of that. 

Enjoy the last few days of your trip. We look forward to your return. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Great progress today…the snow blower is fixed! Jim put the new carburetor on and was able to get it started. After a quick test drive, he turned it over to me, and away I went. 

Tristan is well. It was cold in the morning but warmed to the mid-20s by the afternoon, so sledding was once again on the schedule. There are lots of buildings with Legos and manga blocks today. 

I can’t believe your trip is almost over. This will probably be my last post as you will be traveling. Hope you had a fabulous time; have a safe trip home. 

Signing off from the homefront, with Love!