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Welcome to Wandering Over the Hill—our little corner of the web where we share our adventures on the road (in the air or on the sea). We’re a couple of seasoned travelers who’ve embraced retired life. Our love of travel has led us down the endless streets of big cities through the peaceful pathways of hidden trails and voyages on many cruise lines. Over the years, we’ve embraced everything from the familiar comforts of domestic trips and the excitement of road trips to the sometimes wild adventures of distant lands across the globe.

Travel History

Meandering through bustling marketplaces, serene countrysides, and experiencing the diverse patchwork of life, our adventures have charted a course through myriad cultures and destinations.




Recent Travels

Our recent travels have taken us from tranquil hilltops to bustling city centers, each offering its own unique blend of culture and excitement.

Sitka, Alaska: From Healing Wings to Honored Grounds

Sitka, Alaska: From Healing Wings to Honored Grounds

After a very rough night, with high seas and gale-force winds, we entered the calm waters of the sound that surrounds Sitka, Alaska. The port docks were full at this stop, so we had to tender them to shore. It had rained all night, and the weather service suggested it...

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